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Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 30
Ingredient Amount/Serving Daily Value
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxal-5-phosphate) 10 mg 588%
Folate 400 mcg DFE 100%
from (L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate calcium salt)
Vitamin B12 (from methylcobalamin) 1,000 mcg 41,667%
Calcium (from dicalcium phosphate) 37 mg 3%
Korean Red Ginseng 100 mg **
(Panax ginseng) Root Powder (HRG80)
containing rare, noble ginsenosides

**Daily Value not established

Lab Tested Icon

• Healthy Memory
• Attention and Focus
• Accuracy and Recall
• Mental Energy and Stamina*

Stay Sharp and Focused
Mental Advantage delivers nutrients that support healthy brain activity for accuracy and recall, mental energy and stamina, and healthy memory.*^

Clinically Studied HRG80Red Ginseng
HRG80 delivers 7 times the levels of noble ginsenosides—compounds associated with the plant’s most beneficial effects—compared to standard red ginseng extracts. Noble ginsenosides are incredibly well absorbed, too—about 17 times better than classic ginsenosides, found in conventional supplements.

These key differences make for real-world results: clinical research shows HRG80 significantly supports accuracy, recall, and attention compared to placebo.*

Bioactive B Vitamins
Common supplemental B vitamins can be difficult for some people to convert into active B vitamins their mind and body need. Mental Advantage contains bioactive B vitamins, which require no conversion by the liver. Bioactive B vitamins deliver optimum benefits for cognitive support, brain and nerve function, and daily energy.*

Absorption: The Crucial Difference with GammaSorb®
GammaSorb is a unique delivery system shown to increase the absorption of certain hard to absorb (fat soluble) nutrients by as much as 8 times.

^Based on a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the ingredient HRG80™ Red Ginseng.
†Compared to classic ginsenosides in an in-vitro scientific (Caco-2) study.

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Matcha Green Tea by Buddha Teas
Matcha Green Tea by Buddha Teas

This green tea variety is made from tea leaves that have been powdered, which gives it a strong, appealing flavor when brewed. Matcha Green Tea is a favorite of tea connoisseurs, and has been enjoyed for more than a thousand years.

Elderberry Tea by Buddha Teas
Elderberry Tea by Buddha Teas

Made with a centuries old herbal remedy in mind, Buddha Teas Elderberry Tea offers a delicious way to boost your immunity. Elderberry Tea Health Benefits Crafted only with elderberries Immune boosting powerhouse Antioxidant-rich 18 Bleach Free [...]

Introduction to the Scientific Study of Hydrogen Rich Water and Dietary Supplements, Article by H2 for Life, Hydrogen Water Producer

hydrogenHydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals
The “oxygen radicals” referred to in the title are free radicals or reactive oxygen species (ROS). Not all oxygen radicals are “cytotoxic” (harmful to cells.) While the strongest oxidants, hydroxyl radicals are dangerous, other ROS must be left alone to do their work in the body. This study shows how hydrogen protects cells by neutralizing hydroxyl radicals, while leaving other ROS alone to fulfill their necessary physiological roles.

Hydrogen has another advantage over other antioxidants because it is such a tiny molecule: it is able to penetrate cell membranes, and can easily enter deep into cell components, such as mitochondria and the nucleus, where other antioxidants are not able to reach.

Molecular Hydrogen as an Emerging Therapeutic Medical Gas for Neurodegenerative and Other Diseases

The effects of molecular hydrogen on various diseases have been documented for 63 disease models and human diseases (at the time this article was written.) Most studies have been performed on rats and mice, however the lack of any adverse effects of hydrogen have enabled clinical studies in humans even in the absence of animal studies. Important effects of hydrogen are observed especially in diseases caused by oxidative stress including
Neonatal cerebral hypoxia (reduced supply of oxygen to the brain at birth)
Parkinson’s disease
Ischemia/reperfusion of spinal cord, heart, lung, liver, kidney, and intestine (ischemia is the restriction of blood supply to tissue, reperfusion is the damage caused when blood supply returns to the tissue after a period of ischemia)
Transplantation of lung, heart, kidney, and intestine
Six human diseases have been studied to date:
Diabetes mellitus type 2
Metabolic syndrome
Hemodialysis (treatment for kidney disease)
Inflammatory and mitochondrial myopathies (muscle disease)
Brain stem infarction (stroke of the brain stem)
Radiation-induced adverse effects (due to radiation therapy for tumors)
Two enigmas remain to be solved. First no dose-response effect is observed. Rodents and humans are able to take a small amount of hydrogen by drinking hydrogen-rich water, but marked effects are observed. Second, intestinal bacteria in humans and rodents produce a large amount of hydrogen, but an addition of a small amount of hydrogen exhibits marked effects. Further studies are required to explain the molecular mechanisms of hydrogen effects and to determine the optimal frequency, amount, and method of hydrogen administration for each human disease.

Recent Progress Toward Hydrogen Medicine: Potential of Molecular Hydrogen for Preventive and Therapeutic Applications

Persistent oxidative stress is one of the major causes of most lifestyle-related diseases, cancer and the aging process.

Acute oxidative stress directly causes serious damage to tissues.

Despite the clinical importance of oxidative damage, antioxidants have been of limited therapeutic success. Molecular hydrogen has potential as a novel antioxidant in preventative and therapeutic applications. Hydrogen has a number of advantages as a potential antioxidant: it rapidly diffuses into tissues and cells, and it is mild enough neither to disturb metabolic redox reactions nor to affect reactive oxygen species (ROS) that function in cell signaling, thereby, there should be little adverse effects of consuming hydrogen. Hydrogen shows not only effects against oxidative stress, but also various anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.

Recent advances in hydrogen research as a therapeutic medical gas

Recent research has revealed that hydrogen is an important factor in the regulation of physiology. It has protective effects on cells and organs including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-apoptotic (protective against cell death) effects. Therapeutic hydrogen has been applied by different delivery methods including straight-forward inhalation, drinking hydrogen dissolved in water, and injection with hydrogen saturated saline. This review summarizes currently available data regarding the protective role of hydrogen, provides an outline of recent advances in research on the use of hydrogen as a therapeutic medical gas in diverse models of disease and discusses the feasibility of hydrogen as a therapeutic strategy. It is not an overstatement to say that hydrogen’s impact on therapeutic and preventive medicine could be enormous in the future.

Hydrogen as a Selective Antioxidant: a Review of Clinical and Experimental Studies

Oxidative stress is implicated in the development of many diseases; however, currently used antioxidants have high toxicity. This means they can only be taken in small amounts which limits their therapeutic effectiveness. There is a clear need for more effective and safer antioxidants. Recently, many studies have reported that molecular hydrogen (inhaled or taken as hydrogen-rich water) can exert beneficial effects in animal models of human diseases. Promising results have also been obtained in clinical studies with humans. These studies suggest that hydrogen has selective antioxidant properties, and can also protect against inflammation, allergies and cell death. This review summaries recent research findings and mechanisms concerning the therapeutic potential of hydrogen.

A hypothesis on chemical mechanism of the effect of hydrogen

Many studies have shown that hydrogen can an play important role in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and other protective effects. It has been shown that hydrogen can selectively scavenge hydroxyl radicals, however the mechanisms of other recent experimental results have not been explained. This article presents the hypothesis that hydrogen may act as a ligand by binding to metal ions in some proteins, thus regulating the metabolism of ROS and signal transduction. It’s important to note that no study was done to test this hypothesis.


Ginseng is one of the most popular of all the herbs or roots and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

Is it a root or herb?

It is considered both! 

Ginseng is a slow-growing, short plant with fleshy roots.

The length of time it is grown determines the classification: fresh, white or red.

  • Fresh ginseng is harvested before 4 years.
  • White ginseng is harvested between 4–6 years.
  • Red ginseng is harvested after 6 or more years.

Reputed benefits of ginseng can include: increased energy, sharper cognitive function, anti-inflammatory effects, treatment of erectile dysfunction, flu prevention and lowering blood sugar.

Marietta Health Foods offers an array of ginseng products from roots, extracts, capsules and both loose leaf and instant tea! Come by and find the right ginseng fit for you!

  • Instant Ginseng Tea
    Instant Ginseng Tea

    Burmeister Ginseng Instant Tea is reformulated! Wake up your tastebuds with the bracing bitter bite of American ginseng. A great caffeine-free alternative to coffee! Savor its woodsy, bitter- sweet flavor alone or enhance it with honey and a d [...]

    Ginseng Extract
    Ginseng Extract

    New from Burmeister Ginseng! Two ounce, dropper bottle of Wisconsin grown, American ginseng liquid extract. Looking for a mid-day natural energy boost? Compared to other energy shots, ours is caffeine-free with no artificial flavors or sweeten [...]

    Ginseng Capsules
    Ginseng Capsules

    Burmeister 100% pure Wisconsin ginseng capsules are a convenient and stimulating way to receive all the benefits of ginseng. Each bottle contains 60 capsules at 500 mg and carries the unconditional Burmeister potency and purity guarantee. 60 c [...]

    Burmeister Ginseng Wisconsin-grown American Ginseng Roots, 1 0z Pack
    Burmeister Ginseng Wisconsin-grown American Ginseng Roots, 1 0z Pack

    Burmeister Ginseng specializes in 100% pure Wisconsin homegrown, all natural ginseng products.

    Burmeister Ginseng, Wisconsin-grown American Ginseng Loose Tea
    Burmeister Ginseng, Wisconsin-grown American Ginseng Loose Tea

    Wake up your taste buds with the bracing bitter bite of this earthy, woodsy American ginseng. Enjoy a cup of our delicious tea anytime. The Burmeister family continues to bring you the best Wisconsin ginseng products since 1909.

    Panax Ginseng Extract
    Panax Ginseng Extract

    Red panax ginseng extract is the concentrative element that comes from the panax ginseng plant. In Korean and Chinese medicine, Ginseng has many uses; most known traditionally as a support for energy, libido, and stress.

Pharm-Aloe: Aloe Vera Juice, Gel, Capsules, and Lotions

Highest Quality Aloe Vera Juice Products since 1971!

Aloe Vera Juice
Aloe Vera Juice

Pharm-Aloe Aloe Vera Leaf Juice 4X CONCENTRATE 4 times more concentrated than our 99.7% Aloe Vera Leaf Juice. We accomplish this by placing our 99.7% Aloe Vera Leaf Juice into a rising and falling film evaporator which removes naturally occurr [...]

marietta ga aloe vera
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What is Ghee and How Does It Benefit Us?

Ghee is made by slowly simmering butter that has been churned from cream. The process separates the milk solids and the water from the butter fat. This slow cooking process also develops a rich almost nutty flavor in the ghee butter.

Ghee is 100% natural and is not stabilized in anyway. The natural cooking process removes the water and milk solids, creating a smooth and spreadable butter. Ghee will last at room temperature for 3-5 months and can be stored longer if kept in a refrigerator.

  • Ghee is a natural source for vitamins A, E and K2 which promotes healthy skin and vision. The K2 helps your body to utilize minerals in your diet such as calcium supporting strong bones.
  • Consuming ghee helps support weight loss, like other MCT’s (medium-chain fatty acids). Energy from these burn other fats in the body and help to eliminate toxins.
  • Short-chain fatty acid butyrate in ghee aids the digestive tract in detoxing.
  • Butyrate levels in Ghee help to create a more alkaline system which reduces inflammation throughout the body.
  • Ghee helps your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins, helping with leaky gut syndrome, IBS and Chron’s.
  • High levels of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) have been shown in studies to reduce blood pressure.

The Grass-fed butter used in Sun Rain Grow Ghees is higher in Omega-3.
Sun Rain Grow Ghee is lactose free making it paleo and Keto friendly.

ghee sun rain grow original


Flu Season 2018 Arrived!

The spread of the flu according to Consumer Reports:

“More than 200 viruses cause the common cold, and hundreds of flu strains emerge each year.
And those germs are everywhere. A sick person’s cough or sneeze has millions of viral particles. A cough can expel droplets at speeds of about 50 mph, a sneeze at more than 100 mph, sending them 6 feet or farther.”

A synopsis from the CDC shows higher numbers of reported flu cases as well as higher variances of the types of flu going around in 2018 is higher than average.

Marietta Health Foods understands your discomfort!

We suggest homeopathy as a special approach!
Stimulating your body’s natural defenses can help fight those cold and flu symptoms. Runny noses, coughing congestion, sore throats, headaches, nausea and fever and chills are no fun!

We offer products that can build your resistance and help speed the relief of your flu symptoms! Bundle up and come by to see us or send a friend or neighbor who cares!

marietta holistic flu relief remedies


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Osteoporosis Facts – Part II


What is the danger of osteoporosis?

  1. Fractures! The most common osteoporotic fractures are of the wrist, spine, shoulder and hip.
  2. Most hip fractures are caused by falls. A hip fracture is more than a broken bone. Breaking your hip is usually a major life change. You will probably need surgery, which can take as long as a year to recover from. Persons in recovery from hip fractures are generally unable to walk or drive cars and are often bedridden or in a wheel chair during the long period of healing. []
  3. Hip fractures have serious risks associated with them, including deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.
  4. Compression fractures and broken bones from osteoporosis can cause significant pain that lasts for several months.
  5. Spinal compression fractures can cause nerve roots to be compressed; your doctor may recommend surgery to stabilize the crushed spinal bones.
  6. Fractures may lead to a lifestyle that includes taking medicines. Over the counter medicines that help with pain from fractures include acetaminophen (like Tylenol) and NSAIDS, which are anti-inflammatories, (like Ibuprofen and Naproxen). Regular use of NSAIDS may mean you have to take another medicine known as a proton pump inhibitor to protect your digestive system. If pain from fractures is extreme, you may need to take prescribed narcotics.

Steps to slow osteoporosis progression include:

  1. Build strong bones by performing weight-bearing exercise most days for about 30 minutes. Weight bearing exercises include walking, jogging, stair climbing, dancing, weight lifting and aerobics.
  2. Perform resistance exercises 2 or 3 days a week. Resistance exercises include free weights and resistance bands.
  3. Have a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D. Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium. Calcium is found in many foods, including dairy products like milk and yogurt. If you think ‘re not getting enough calcium in your diet, check with your doctor about taking supplements. Brand names with proven reliability are best. Avoid coral calcium as so far there is no scientific proof it is effective against osteoporosis.
  4. Avoid
  5. Limit alcohol to no more than 2 drinks a day for men, and for women. no more than 1 drink a day.
  6. 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day is safe if your diet has adequate calcium.
  7. Your doctor may prescribe bisphosphonates or another medication and possibly, but less commonly, hormone therapy.
  8. Avoid trip hazards, for example loose carpets, that can cause falls. Be careful when lifting or carrying items as this can cause spinal fractures. With advanced osteoporosis mild movements, such as bending over or coughing, can cause the spine to fracture. [] [].
  9. Be aware that certain medications increase the rate of bone loss including some anti-seizure medications, chemotherapy, proton pump inhibitors and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. [].


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