Redmond Clay – Bentonite Clay – 100% Natural Sodium Bentonite and Calcium Clay

Redmond Bentonite-Clay
  • Natural Sodium Bentonite: bentonite clay face mask helps to shrink the size of your pores and can also help tremendously by keeping your face clean and blemishes at bay.
  • Soothing Facial Mask: keep your skin soft, smooth and blemish-free with natural sodium bentonite clay which avoids abnormal shedding of dead skin cells and excess bacteria.
  • Controls Sebum: oily skin with too much sebum encourages the production of bacteria which irritates the skin, natural facial clay helps in removing the extra sebum from the skin and makes it healthy and bright.

Skin Nourishing Clay: Bentonite clay nourishes and conditions the skin by removing the dead cells and extracting the extra oils, impurities from the surface of the skin.

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