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Since 1973 Marietta Health Foods has been serving Marietta and the surrounding area with the finest natural vitamin and herb supplements and whole life services available.
We offer quality individual service to each and every person.

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Providing Only High Quality Products

Marietta Health Foods provides the highest quality of vitamin, minerals and supplements available. Non GMO products are a standard not an exception.

Working with Health Care Professionals

We work with medical professionals, holistic and naturopathic practitioners as well as traditional medical providers.

Natural Remedies for Holistic Health

We carry natural remedies of herbs, plants, oils and extracts to aid in alternative, natural, holistic whole body health and healing.

We carry chocolate from the Honduras Chocolate Company!

Handcrafted chocolate from the rainforests of Honduras. Cacao is our passion. Social impact is our mission. Each bar is made using socially-responsible production practices and only heirloom quality, organically-grown cacao and pure cane sugar—no chemicals, pesticides, preservatives or additives. Ever. 65% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar 75% cacao with rich chocolate flavor, subtly sweet. 80% cacao, our highest cacao content bar for "extra dark" chocolate lovers. Rich and complex chocolate flavors, slightly sweet. Indulge your cravings.

Foods Alive


Can you recall the best-tasting “HEALTH FOOD” you ever tasted in your life? One that’s full of flavor, has an appealing texture, tastes like a decadent gourmet treat and yet made with simple, clean and organic ingredients. We bet you can’t. Or most likely you have tried, but it’s not a healthy food, it was probably just junk food. That's where FOODS ALIVE comes in with their lineup of Flax Crackers, Power Crackers, & Onion Ring Clusters!

Marietta Health Foods

We are proud to offer an everyday discount program on supplements as follows:

$5 to $49 is 10% off

$50 to $99 is 15% off

$100 and up is 20% off

We also have items on sale everyday from 20% to 50% off.

On-going sale items not included in regular discounts.

We do not take online orders, although if you call 770-973-4364 with product requests and appropriate information, we will be happy to mail your order to you!





Healthforce Oxygen Extreme
Healthforce Oxygen Extreme

HealthForce Oxygen increases the available oxygen in the bloodstream to achieve more sustained energy, and assists the body in metabolizing vitamins, minerals, supplements, and nutrients more completely. Enhances the body's immune system to re [...]

HealthForce Truly Natural Vitamin C
HealthForce Truly Natural Vitamin C

Why You’ll Love It Each 1.5 teaspoon provides: 302 mg of naturally occurring, truly natural, absorbable, non-toxic vitamin C complex from a whole food extract of acerola cherry (containing naturally occurring cofactors including bioflavono [...]



Harmonic Innerprizes Camu-Camu
Harmonic Innerprizes Camu-Camu

Camu camu (Myrciaria dubia) is a berry that grows in the jungles along the Amazon River in Brazil. Camu camu contains high amounts of vitamin C, about 30 times more vitamin C than what is found in oranges.

Etherium Gold Focused Brain
Etherium Gold Focused Brain

From Natural Monatomic Minerals Etherium Gold (Focused Brain) is the only monatomic gold product whose efficacy has been clinically researched and tested to promote brain function.* Many people experience enhanced mental clarity, greater mind- [...]

Etherium Pink, Heart Harmony
Etherium Pink, Heart Harmony

Etherium Pink (Heart Harmony) acts as a mood lifter and facilitates “letting go”*. It can turn grief and sorrow into acceptance, or anger and jealousy into forgiveness. It gently soothes away the tension and reduces stress and frustration* Wh [...]

Etherium Red, Decision Power
Etherium Red, Decision Power

Etherium Red (Decision Power) integrates the thinking of the brain with the emotions of the heart.* It can be very useful during times of difficult decisions.* It promotes self-expression, creativity, and eloquence.* The best way to explain E [...]

Aulterra, Nutrient Optimizer
Aulterra, Nutrient Optimizer

In laboratory studies, Aulterra (Nutrient Optimizer) has been shown to promote healthy DNA and improve the bioavailability of foods and other dietary supplements.* Aulterra may simply make the body work better.* Aulterra is formulated from tw [...]