AminoSculpt Original Liquid Collagen Peptides 10,000,000 MCG for Hair, Skin, Nails, Joints

Product Description

AminoSculpt’s structural protein strengthens muscles in your body, supports hydration, firms the skin, promotes fuller hair, and stronger nails. Collagen supplements also support articular cartilage, which promotes joint health.
Our liquid collagen protein is medical-grade and perfectly predigested into the smallest peptides for better absorption that helps trim down and support a healthy weight by maintaining lean muscle.
10,000,000 MCG (10G) of collagen peptides in every serving, eight times the collagen per serving found in collagen gummies or tablets and more than two times the collagen per serving of the most popular collagen powder. Ready-to-drink or mix with water, coffee, or drink of your choice.
The only collagen peptides backed by 40 years of medical use. Time-tested and used by over 4,700 health professionals.
Contains a powerful dose of pure type I collagen that builds all 28 types in your body, including I, II, III, IV, V, and X.

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