Diets for Healthy Healing: Dr. Linda Page’s Natural Solutions to America’s 10 Biggest Health Problems

Diets for Healty Living

Millions of people are looking for natural ways to heal. Our lifestyle and eating habits, cause many people to struggle with what Dr Page calls “The Top Ten” chronic health problems. In this book, Dr Linda Page presents natural dietary health solutions to America’s 10 biggest health problems: Allergies & Asthma: Healing and Control; Arthritis: Pain Relieving Diet; Blood Sugar Imbalances: Diabetes and Hypoglycemia; Cancer: Controlling and Rebuilding Health ; Digestive Disorders: Ulcers, Heartburn, Irritable Bowel; Heart Disease, Stroke and High Blood Pressure; Immune Defences: Dealing with Colds, Flu, Infections; Osteoporosis: Building Bone with a Mineral-Rich Diet; Weight Loss, Weight Control, Fat Management; Women’s Imbalances: Menopause, Fibroids, Endometriosis. Each chapter reviews one of the health problems listed above and provides an easy-to-follow nutrition plan. Healing recipes, nutritional supplements, whole herbs, bodywork and exercise recommendations are included as part of the healing program. Food is powerful medicine. Sometimes it’s your best medicine even for difficult diseases. Linda Page, America’s foremost nutrition and herb expert, has worked with this healing principle for over two decades and has written this book as your primary guide to using food as your best medicine.

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