Water & Salt – The Essence of Life By Dr. Barbara Hendel, M.D. & Peter Ferreira

From the first day that the Water and Salt book was originally introduced in Germany it was an immediate bestseller. Millions of people have changed their lives in respect to water and salt with the profound scientific information presented herein in an easy-to-read format that everyone is able to understand. We are happy to now make our English speaking readers acquainted with the subjects of Water & Salt so that they too may find better understanding and respect for these most essential elements and discover the health benefits of salt.

Learn the simple natural health secret that thousands of doctors, scientists, alternative practitioners, and therapists have already utilized to help mankind in a natural way.

This book gives you an enlightened look into two of the most basic yet fundamental elements necessary for perfect energy, balance and good health. Learn how every metabolic function of the body relies on these two most critical essentials, from converting thoughts into action to fueling your body’s cells with Energy…

Never before has there been such a fascinating book about the fundamental two essential elements needed for achieving and maintaining vibrant health. So simple yet so misunderstood, this book sheds light on the importance of water and salt to our bodies, minds, and souls.

The Water and Salt book presents revolutionary insights into food, health, beauty and consciousness. Dozens of intriguing photos bring these profound subjects to life and make this book an exciting and fulfilling adventure.

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