How to Prevent and Treat Diabetes with Natural Medicine by Michael Murray and Michael Lyon

North America’s foremost experts on natural medicine and diabetes create the most comprehensive and user-friendly guide to defeating one of our fastest-growing health problems.

Diabetes remains among the most prevalent health issues, bringing with it an increased risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. Now an expert in natural medicine and an authority on diabetes combine their knowledge to address diabetes prevention: coping with the disease if you have been diagnosed, and even reversing its effects. The authors provide food and supplement plans that can help you avoid developing the illness, even if there is a family history. If you are currently being treated for diabetes, this program is designed to help reduce or eliminate your need for medication.

This invaluable resource contains risk-assessment tests that track your progress, meal plans, shopping lists, and adjustable nutritional and supplement regimes based on your level of risk or severity of the disease. It is one of the first natural programs to be developed in conjunction with conventional medicine.

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