Nutritional Herbology: A Reference Guide to Herbs Book by Mark Pedersen

Nutritional Herbology A Reference Guide to Herbs

Have you ever wondered which herbs are good sources of Iron, Chromium, Selenium or Calcium? Well, this book is for you. Mark Pedersen’s Nutritional Herbology is a one-of-a-kind resource book giving you a comprehensive summary of what nutrients are in herbal supplements and how they work!
You will find detailed nutritional analysis for hundreds of herbs, including Chinese constitutional combinations. With each herb’s nutritional profile is an historical summary of the herb’s use, a list of medicinal properties as well as folk remedies.

Nutritional Herbology is an indispensible reference for both the modern herbalist and for those interested in natural remedies. Over four years of extensive research and lab work has gone into bringing you this landmark work!

TOPICS INCLUDE: How and why herbs work – Nutritional Analysis of scores of herbs – Scientific analysis that authenticates historical usage. Detailed description of active principles in each herb – How to decipher each herb’s herbal properties – Major acupressure and Iridology points correlated to herbal combinations – Easy to read charts giving vital information on each herb.

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