Valor Blend

For courage and self-esteem, improves bodys balance, improve spinal mobility. Used in step 10 of the rainbow therapy.

Valor is considered the most important blend in this line and has been called a chiropractor in a bottle. Lakota Medicine Man, Wallace Black Elk, is reported to have used energy of a stroking feather up and down the spine to heal people. Gary Young developed this technique further using essential oils to heal scoliosis. He found that many back surgeries could be avoided using his techniques. He would drop like rain the essential oils onto the spine. This technique was criticized because the oils used burned the skin and carriers to protect the skin were not used. His claims in curing back injuries and disease seem unsubstantiated. Still there are many people who do raindrop massage and follow this technique with results. Gritman developed the Dew Drop Line to support the people that want to use the raindrop technique. Gritman does not confirm or deny that this therapy works.

Product Description

Product No. 03-val00-a
Essential Oil Contents Rosewood, Wild Tansy, Frankincense
Fixed/Carrier Avocado, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Foraha, and Jojoba
Uses No
Applications Use with carrier for easy application. Rub into spine. Place 10-15 drops of oil in a warm bath to help feel more balanced and good about yourself.
Warnings/Contraindications Do not get into eyes. Do not swallow.
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