Angel Heart

A special blend designed to open your heart, heal from being emotionally hurt, helps one to understand why they were hurt and forgive, find the love that you want, Find your special mission in life.

Product Description

These oils were especially blended to aid people in opening their heart. The heart can be looked at having two parts. One part is considered lower emotions and holds hurt and anger at not being loved the way we want. The second part is the higher heart and holds compassion and detachment for the hurts and injuries suffered by the heart. This blend promotes healing of a broken wounded heart and allows the person to release this hurt and bitterness towards life or other people. This blend is especially good at promoting understanding or wisdom around the wounding. Can open the person to finding the love that they felt has been denied to them. Angel heart also allows a person to come to their special mission in life. Often our wounds point to why we are here and the work we were born to do.

Additional Information

Product No. 02-ang00-a
Essential Oil Contents Palmarosa, Peppermint, Helichrysum, Rose Absolute, and Anise Raven
Fixed/Carrier None
Uses No
Applications Diffusing, perfume, bath therapy, massage (use in massage oil), chakra and stone healing
Warnings/Contraindications Do not put into the eyes or swallow
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