Purity Blend

This blend will help protect you and others from infectious conditions. If someone is infectious, this blend can help them recover and protect the others in the space. This blend also facilitates sacred cleansing of self. As one involves it becomes important to clear yourself of unwanted or old energy patterns. To do this properly, negative energy must be expelled from the energy field. This cannot be done unless you create a sacred space. Do not use this blend unless you know how to do this.

Product Description

This blend already has Oregano Maceration in it and is safe to apply to the skin.

Additional Information

Product No. 02-pur00-group
Essential Oil Contents Clove Bud, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Globulus and Radiata, and Rosemary
Fixed/Carrier Oregano Maceration
Uses No
Applications For infectious conditions: Take ten drops of this blend into a bowl of water and drop cheese cloth or cotton towels into the water. Hang the cloth around the bed or where the infection is. Redo every two hours. Diffuse in the rest of the environment.
Warnings/Contraindications Do not apply to eyes and do not swallow. If this blend is to be used in a sacred way, a sacred space must be created. Do not use unless you create this space.
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