She talked with me and gave me some tips.

Called up here to see if they had ear wax removal candles because it felt like something was stuck in my ear and I said why not try some homeopathic options before going to a doc. (turns out I had my first and hopefully last ear infection and did end up having to go to the dr. but I digress). I was immediately welcomed by the owner when I came in. I told her I was the one that called about the ear called and she I immediately walked me over to them. She was concerned enough to ask me if I had ever used them before and when I said no provided me with a paper about how to safely and properly is use it. She also talked with me about it and gave me some tips. One such tip was that if you do one ear you should do the other and that you should disinfect the ear by putting a piece of cotton soaked in some tea tree oil in your ear for a couple of minutes. I bought the two candles which were about a $1 a piece. I looked around a little more. With a name like, “Marietta Foods,” I did think they would have more food options available, but I was not disappointed in the products that they had. The majority consisted of homeopathic health products. I ended up getting some elderberry syrup for the first time in my life. The prices ranged from $7 a bottle to $50! I went to Walmart the following day and the prices were much more affordable at Marietta health Foods, and they had more options available. For example Walmart did not have the combination of elderberry, honey, and apple cider vinegar syrup that I got here. Looking forward to coming back.
Garrett O., 1/19/2020 Yelp Review