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•  Powerful ‘biofilm’ & scar tissue dissolving agent
•  Anti-inflammatory for optimal health
•  Enteric coated for maximum absorption
•  100% all Natural

Product Description

SERRAPEPTASE is the strongest biofilm and scar tissue dissolving enzyme found in nature. Why would this be important in liver health? The liver replaces health cells with scar tissue when liver health deteriorates; removing this scar tissue will support liver health improvements. Removing biofilm is important, as biofilm forms an impenetrable shield providing a safe haven for viruses, harmful bacteria, candida, fungus and heavy metals in the gut. This significantly diminishes personal health. Our enteric-coated SERRAPEPTASE is designed for the safe, targeted reduction of biofilm.*

SERRAPEPTASE is the leading biofilm dissolving enzyme available and the strongest enzyme found in nature. Serrapeptase is very important for those with gut issues and liver issues to incorporate this supplement in their health regimen for two reasons:

1. Studies have found taking serrapeptase has reduced fibrous tissue in the body. As the liver gets damaged, it often replaces those once healthy cells with fibrous tissue. Removing this scar tissue will support the health of the liver.
2. Removing biofilm in the gut can reduce leaky gut and supports gut health.

Biofilm is an impenetrable shield and safe haven for viruses, harmful bacteria, candida, fungus and heavy metals in the gut. Biofilm’s presence pushes out beneficial bacteria and allows a flow of toxins to bypass the gut lining. This stresses the immune system, reduces nutrition absorption and negatively affects the overall health of the individual.*

SERRAPEPTASE is unique in biochemistry, as it breaks down non-living material in the body. This has applications in cardio, immune and gut health among others.  SERRAPEPTASE circulates throughout the body and also reduces hard to remove debris and scar tissue.*

The source of this amazing proteolytic enzyme is the bacteria Serratia located in the intestine of silkworms. Among other things, it allows the silkworm to digest its cocoon without disrupting sensitive internal tissues.*

Taking SERRAPEPTASE promotes increased nutritional absorption, enhanced immunity and reduces inflammation.  Taken with Candida Complex™ and HEPATIBEN, excellent gut health can be obtained while reducing toxins in the body.*

Some women also take SERRAPEPTASE for endometriosis. Again, this is not meant to treat or cure, however many of our customers report a decrease in pain related to endometriosis using SERRAPEPTASE.


Take 2 capsules at during the day, preferably without food unless sensitive or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.


(very clean)

SERRAPEPTASE –  Is a highly unique enzyme found in nature that acts as a protease to break up ‘biofilm’. Biofilm is a highly disruptive unhealthy combination of virus, bacteria, mold, parasite and heavy metal. Biofilm is common among in unhealthy digestive tracts and is very difficult to remove any other way other than enzymatically.

  Serrapeptase – 80,000 IU

A proteolytic enzyme isolated from the non-pathogenic bacteria Serratia species found in the digestive tract of the Japanese silkworm.

This solution to the build-up of biofilm has been used in Europe for decades, is safe and effective.

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