Veggie Capsules/Bottle

•  Powerful Natural Herbs & Enzymes reduce Candida
•  Probiotics: good bacteria to replace harmful overgrowth
•  Promotes improved nutrient absorption & immunity
•  Reduces chronic inflammation

Product Description

CANDIDA COMPLEX™ combines leading candida reducing herbs with probiotics, enzymes and other gut health restoring ingredients. Understand, we all carry moderate amounts of this yeast in our system. While not dangerous at low levels, candida overgrowth transforms into a fungal form and coats the intestinal walls and spreads throughout the body.

Our typical high sugar and carbohydrate diets feed this harmful form of fungal yeast, which causes chronic inflammation and pushes out healthy gut bacteria.  CANDIDA COMPLEX™ reduces this unhealthy candida form and provides beneficial bacteria in its place. Taking this step will improve gut health.  The benefits of taking CANDIDA COMPLEX™ support increased nutritional absorption, enhanced immunity and reduced chronic inflammation and bloating throughout the body.*

Taking HEPATIBEN™ is highly recommended while reducing the candida population. During this harmful yeast ‘die-off’, over 70 toxins are released into the body and this puts additional strain on liver function.  HEPATIBEN™ will support the liver in neutralizing these harmful compounds. A general feeling of toxicity can be dramatically reduced when doing this. These symptoms can include aching muscles, headaches, fuzzy thinking, depression, anxiety, nausea and diarrhea. This are common signs that the candida population is being reduced, but by taking HEPATIBEN™ many of these unpleasant side effects can be reduced.*

For women, having candida overgrowth can lead to yeast infections. Many don’t know that the cause is the same Candida albicans fungus. The typical treatment offered by conventional physicians is clotrimazole which among other harmful effects damages the liver and elevates liver enzymes. This is a commonly known side-effect to say nothing of painful urination and depression. A healthier alternative would be taking a product like CANDIDA COMPLEX™.


Take 2 capsules at during the day, preferably without food unless sensitive or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.





Oregano Extract
Caprylic Acid
Grape Seed Extract
Anise Extract 10:1
Tannins (Alma Extract)
Black Walnut Hulls


Slippery Elm
Aloe Vera
Larch Arabinogalactans
L. acidophilus

  Oregano Extract

Contains phenols and flavonoids, with carvacrol and thymol being the most potent. These two act synergistically to fight candida. This potent extract combination reduces candida. Oregano also strengthens the body in other ways to resist infections.

  Caprylic Acid (Magnesium Caprylate)

A potent anti-fungal found in coconut oil, successful at killing candida. It also helps restore stomach pH to normal levels.


Another potent anti-fungal particularly effective in combination with other ingredients.

 Grape Seed Extract

Posses antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties and it very effective against candida. Also supports reduction in antibiotic-resistant UTIs, remedies fungal infections, relieves athletes foot and nail fungus, and treats digestive disturbances associated with eczema. Great combination along with oregano and caprylic acid.

 Plant Tannins (Amla Extract)

Plant tannins are released by trees and plants to reduce fungus in nature. This is very effective and beneficial way to reduce systemic candida overgrowth.

  Aloe Vera Gel Extract (200:1)

Aloe contains enzymes (lipases & proteases) that breakdown the candida cell wall. Aloe also has immune modulating polysaccharides called beta-D-glucans and is a soothing gel, which helps repair gut lining.

  Larch Arabinogalactan (FiberAid)

Prebiotic that nourishes good bacteria.

  Anise Seed Extract (4:1)

Contains various compounds (i.e. – shikimic acid ) that exhibit antifungal, antiviral and immune modulating characteristics.

  Reishi Mushroom Extract (4:1)

Stimulates the immune system that increase killer T-cells, helper T-cells and macrophages needed during the candida “die off” initiated by the other Candida Complex ingredients.

  Black Walnut Hulls, Wormwood (Artemisia)

Contain natural tannins that kill candida, parasites and fungus. Black walnut also contains anti-fungal properties (juglone) stronger than many prescription drugs on the market.

Probiotic / Enzyme Complex

  Protease & Cellulase 

Work together to enzymatically break down and eliminate candida’s protective coating

   L. acidophilus

Probiotic meant to re-inoculate the areas of the gut that were previously occupied by harmful candida. This reduces opportunistic parasitic populations from gaining a foothold.

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