Golden Black Seed

golden black seed supplement

Maintains 4 critical health goals for people at risk of metabolic syndrome: supports cholesterol already within normal range, blood sugar, weight, and blood pressure.*

What is Golden Black Seed?
Golden Black Seed is a clinical-strength, herbal blend of Black Seed (Nigella) and Turmeric. It can be used to support those at risk for metabolic syndrome, a cluster of risk factors that can impact healthy aging and longevity, and offers calming stress support. Golden Black Seed is gluten free, 100% vegetarian, and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Product Description

What does Golden Black Seed do?
Golden Black Seed works to impact healthy aging and longevity by addressing four health goals of people at risk for metabolic syndrome: it supports cholesterol levels already in the normal range, healthy blood sugar levels, healthy weight, and normal blood pressure.* It works at the cellular level† to activate the 5 Signs of Inner Health: improving antioxidant levels, ridding the body of free radicals, balancing inflammation, enhancing cell recovery, and supporting healthy aging. Golden Black Seed is also clinically shown to support healthy mood and alertness, and decrease occasional anxiety and stress.*

4-in-1 metabolic syndrome support: Maintains cholesterol levels already in the normal range, blood sugar levels, body weight, and blood pressure*
Clinically shown to support a healthy mood and decrease occasional anxiety and stress*
Supports memory, healthy attention span, and overall cognition*
†As shown in preclinical lab testing.

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