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The immune system’s most basic purpose is to identify and eliminate pathogens from the body. It does this by distinguishing between native and foreign proteins and cells. When foreign factors are identified, it produces antibodies that attack them until they are removed.

For reasons we don’t yet understand, some immune systems fail to distinguish between harmless proteins (like those from pollen or dander) and deadly pathogens. Because of this, the immune system attacks these harmless proteins as though they were pathogens, thus triggering the sneezing, coughing, runny nose, watering eyes, itching, rashes, hives, eczema, headaches, upset stomach and other symptoms we call allergic response.

Product Description

As yet, there is no way to fix this immune system flaw. There are, however, ways to minimize the reactions it causes. Management tools include corticosteroids, herbal remedies, nutrients like quercitin and digestive enzymes taken between meals.

Enzymes may help reduce the frequency and intensity of allergic reactions in two ways. Those who suffer from airborne allergies have been reported to have low levels of amylase enzymes. Amylase is noted for its anti-inflammatory actions, particularly where the immune tools, histamine and cytokines are involved. It may thereby help reduce the severity of symptoms that accompany allergic response.

Protease enzymes digest proteins. Taking such enzymes on an empty stomach permits their absorption into the bloodstream, where they can help break down the foreign proteins that trigger allergic reactions. In this way, they may reduce the frequency of allergic reactions.

Each capsule of Aller-Free provides extremely potent levels of amylase (30,000 DU) and protease (30,000 HUT) along with synergistic levels of cellulase and lipase, 80 mg each of Burdock root and Stinging nettle root extracts and 30 mg of plant derived quercitin. Aller-Free is best used by taking two capsules when a reaction begins, and another capsule every hour until it subsides. It may also be used as a preventative by taking one capsule twice daily during seasons and situations when risk is highest.

AllerFree is guaranteed to your complete satisfaction. If you are anything less than delighted with your personal results, please return any unused portion to your place of purchase for a complete refund.


Amylase (vegetarian),Burdock extract,Cellulase (vegetarian),cellulose,Lipase (vegetarian),l-leucine,Protease (vegetarian),Quercetin (from Japanese Sophora bud extract,Stinging nettle extrac

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