Pure Essence Ionic Fizz Magnesium Plus

RELAXING MAGNESIUM POWDER: A super healthy dietary supplement beverage powder that supports healthy magnesium levels and delivers a calm and uniquely relaxing experience.
DELICIOUS FLAVORS: This superb, non-GMO, vegan and gluten free beverage powder utilizes the world’s purest minerals to promote a healthy calm, and is free of all common allergens.
COMPLETE MAGNESIUM SYSTEM: Ionic Fizz Magnesium Plus delivers not just magnesium, but 13 other essential nutrients that support magnesium’s many roles. No other magnesium beverage powder provides these powerful co-factors.
SIMPLE TO USE: Mix a scoop with water, stir gently and hear the gentle fizz once or twice daily. For supporting healthy sleep patterns, use about half an hour before bed.
MADE BY THE MASTER FORMULATORS AT PURE ESSENCE LABS, winner of many industry best awards, including those from 2019 Natural Foods Expo, 2019 Whole Foods Best, 2018 Supply Side West, 2018 Better Nutrition, 2019 Taste for Life and 2006, 2007, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Vity Awards.

Product Description

Anti-Stress Supplement Drink Powder – Vegan, Gluten Free and Non-GMO Magnesium Powder

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