Planetary Herbals Triphala Laxative

Use Triphala Laxative™ 690 mg 120 Capsules from Planetary Herbals and help your body clear impurities effectively. Ancient ayurvedic medicine uses Triphala laxative – a three fruit combination to clear an occasional constipation.

Bad and irregular food habits are accompanied by problems related to constipation. This Planetary Herbal supplement may well be your answer to better digestive health. Triphala means a combination of three fruits‚ Amla‚ Behada and Harada. These three fruits work with each other and help in proper assimilation of food and also cleansing. Triphala has been used in India for centuries for better digestive health along with strengthening and toning of the digestive system. It is also said that this Planetary Herbals supplement does not cause dependency.

Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C while Behada may act as a gentle purgative. The Harada fruit contains tannins‚ lignans along with flavonoids that are antioxidant rich. This Planetary Herbals formula works effectively for better elimination along with colon cleansing and strengthening the GI tract.

The goodness of western herbalism is also included in this Planetary Herbals capsules. Marshmallow and licorice root extracts increase the growth of intestinal mucosa and reduces irritation in the intestines. Ginger and artichoke are believed to increase the health of your digestive system. Cyperus may be an effect help in preventing stomach cramps. The components like the buckthorn‚ rhubarb and cascara may help in elimination.

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