Buddha Teas – Organic Chickweed Tea

A pleasant, mild tasting herbal tea offering digestive support, and other beneficial properties.

Product Description

Nutrient-dense, including gamma-linolenic-acid (GLA) and saponins, and mild tasting, our Chickweed Tea provides the perfect cup of tea for those pursuing a health plan that includes shedding weight, or supporting the body during cold and flu season. Vitamins and minerals encourage antifungal and antiseptic properties as well, inviting healthy skin and a happy digestive system.

What Exactly is Chickweed?
Abundantly found growing amidst lush lawns, this edible green, scientifically known as Stellaria media, which means “little star in the mist,” boasts too many beneficial components to justify irradicating. Though people who are allergic to daisies should probably stay away, if you’re in search of a simple way to consume a natural expectorant, Chickweed Tea might assist with eliminating mucous and minimizing congestion.

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