New Chapter GrapeSeed Force™


An antioxidant & OPC powerhouse

Grape seed extract is a derivative of red wine grape seeds, which contain potent antioxidants. It has many uses across the globe, such as strengthening blood vessels, aiding circulation and enhancing skin. Grape Seed Force by New Chapter is a full-spectrum, researched grape seed extract that promotes balanced energy and endurance.

Product Description

Product information

  • Pure and potent extracts – delivers a super-pure, super-potent herbal extract
  • Balanced energy and endurance – supports your body’s natural ability to produce energy
  • Full-spectrum potency – delivered using a supercritical extraction, whole-food approach
  • Unique grape seed – made from the seeds of Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown in a region of New Zealand.

New Chapter’s Grape Seed Force is produced only by natural supercritical CO2 or traditional techniques of extraction. This allows the company to guarantee the fullest spectrum of beneficial phytonutrients in their natural profile. Grape Seed Force is also non-GMO certified, naturally gluten-free, and free of artificial flavors and colors. Try it today!

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