Lithia Spring Water

lithia water

Highest Standards of Purity
State-of-the-art packaging and sanitation technology guarantee 100% safe fresh to drink all natural Lithia Spring Water. Direct from the source, Historic Lithia Spring GA.

Eco-friendly Spout Pouch
Our innovative spout pouch guarantees pristine freshness and flavor. Shipped daily direct from Historic Lithia Springs Georgia. Ideal for dispensing inside your refrigerator.

Reduces Carbon Footprint & Storage
Our pouch is totally recyclable, reduces shipping cost and storage space. You can be assured it is BPA free and safe. Friendly for the environment and for you! It’s portable.

Product Description

Healthiest Mineral Spring Water
“We are a people who are neither happy nor healthy because we have forgotten the healing powers of mother earth”
Mourning Dove (Humanism) Native Indian Writer 1884-1936

Native American Indian Medicine Spring

Lithia Springs GA was once a Cherokee Indian Medicine Spring and before them the Creek Indians and before them the ancients. The history of the spring spans millenniums and is legendary. The ancient archaeological wonders that have been unearthed at Lithia Springs tell an amazing story of a health-giving water that has been cherished since time untold. One ancient wonder discovered is a giant smiling turtle carved from stone that native Americans regard as the symbol of long life and health. For thousands of years, this ancient guardian has beaconed health seekers to come drink Lithia Spring Water and live long, happy and healthy. Order direct from Historic Lithia Springs, GA.

Lithia Water Scientific Research

Lithia Water is defined as a mineral water that naturally contains trace amounts of Lithium (Li3). Lithia Water is the most independent scientifically researched type of water in the world because of its amazing health benefits. Search the Internet for Lithia Water independent research studies for longevity, immune system booster, cognitive enhancement, mood enhancement and be amazed. Minerals and elements are micro-nutrients that are essential for life, however the body can not produce them. This is why we must ingest them from food or water sources daily. Since 1888 Lithia Spring Water has been America’s legendary healthful water. Order direct from Historic Lithia Springs, GA.

Primordial Lithia Spring Source

At a time before known history people made pilgrimages to Lithia Springs to drink its healing waters. For thousands of years, our Native American Indian Medicine Spring has been a natural source of ionic minerals and trace elements that are highly beneficial for human health and well-being. The ancient Americans believed that healing springs embodied the curative powers of Mother Earth in its purest primordial form. They viewed these healing springs water as a living healing intermediary between the persons ailing body and the spiritual world, where healing took place. There is no spring on earth that produces such a rare health-enhancing Lithia Spring Water.


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