Health Aid Koregin Asian Ginseng 600 Mg 30 Capsules

koregin asian ginseng

KOREGIN is the most potent one-a-day capsule available. Only KOREGIN contains 600 mg of the finest quality whole root concentrate (5:1) including Rb1 and Rg1, derived from 3,000 mg of Ginseng root. KOREGIN provides the maximum benefit of standardized Panax Ginseng extract. Eash KOREGIN capsule contains HPLC 5% ginsenosides, equivalent to UV spectrometric 17 % of these active components. KOREGIN’s unique patented paste extract and pharmaceutical quality European capsule delivery system assures maximum absorption and assimilation. KOREGIN, made from the finest Panax Ginseng root extract, is the most famous herb of the Far East. For 5000 years Chinese herbalists have known of Ginseng’s beneficial effects and called it the “King of Herbs”. At one time, it was more valuable than gold. Today’s scientific research confirms Ginseng’s reputation as a panacea which boosts energy and stimulates vitality. KOREGIN a natural adaptogen, antioxidant and tonic, is known to: Boosts energy* Increase stamina and endurance* Enhance athletic performance* Revitalize and fortify the system* Stimulate physical and mental activity* 1 package containing (30) 600 mg capsules standardized extract derived from 3000 mg

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