Health Aid ColonProbio Optimum Colon Care, Acid & Bile Resistant, Dairy Free, Gluten Free

HealthAid ColonProbio provides 82 billion of 14 Probiotics strains, each one carefully selected for people who need a stronger intestinal support*. Research showed that decreased numbers of Bifidobacterium species in the human colon have been reported in individuals with diverse intestinal and digestive disorders*. Bifidobacterium strains may produce anti-microbial substances that have beneficial health effects in the large bowel (colon)*, these bacteria are potential candidates to be stimulated in the colon to help restore a disturbed gut flora*. ColonProbio is a combination of Lactobacillus live strains with a higher number of specific Bifidobacterium species identified to help enhance colon health and wellbeing*.

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