Focus Nutrition, Himalayan Pink Salt, 100% Natural Fine Grain


100% PURE AND NATURAL – Focus Nutrition’s Himalayan Pink Salt is assured to be unrefined, unprocessed, and free of additives, dyes, and preservatives, making it one of the purest salts you’d ever get.
HELPS SOOTHE MUSCLES AND SOFTEN SKIN – Aside from using it as a table salt for a healthier alternative on food, the himalayan salt can also help soothe your muscles while leaving a softened skin through mineral-rich himalayan pink salt bath soaking.
UNIQUE AND PREMIUM – Ethically sourced from deep, ancient sea beds in the Himalayan Mountains, this Himalayan Pink Salt from Focus Nutrition offers you a unique taste and texture that’s like no other.
FILLED WITH VITAL NUTRIENTS – Since the Himalayan Pink Salt was never heat-treated or refined, it maintains its beneficial mineral content that leaves a striking pink color. This salt is packed with over 84 minerals and trace elements including calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron.
SEALED PACKAGING – Each pack contains 2 pounds of Himalayan Pink Salt in a durable, resealable pouch. Available in Fine and Coarse Grain.

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