Dr. Mercola Antarctic Krill Oil – 1000MG Omega 3 Supplement With EPA DHA Phospholipids & Astaxathin – Odorless & Mercury Free

Contains only the purest Antarctic Krill without any filler ingredients. So no more fishy burps or rancid smells when you open the container.

Each bottle contains oil from krill (Euphausia Superba) harvested in the pristine waters of Antarctica. Free from the toxins and heavy metals that contaminate the waters of industrial fishing areas.

No need to worry about the unsafe accumulation of mercury or other pollutants that can taint the supply of the oil. Our krill are packed full of powerful, health giving nutrients and vitamins

All wild krill harvests are Marine Stewardship Council certified for sustainability – meaning there is no long term impact on krill population numbers. The fishery that supplies Dr. Mercola was the ONLY fishery to receive an A grade for sustainability from the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership – and no other species are captured in their harvesting.

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