Color Therapy Chakra Sunglasses

Color Therapy Chakra Sunglasses

Color therapy glasses incorporate color therapy into your life. Put on a pair of these glasses for instant color therapy! Need to overcome negative thoughts? Wear red glasses. Intellectual clarity? Wear yellow. Screaming for calm? Wear blue.

Product Description

Red: Strength, pioneering spirit, courage, alertness, sense of power, vitality, overcoming negative thoughts.

Orange: Social confidence, cheerfulness, resourcefulness, enjoyable relationships.

Yellow: Concentration, mental clarity, optimism.

Green: Balance, peace, stress reduction, calmness, self control, hope.

Aqua (Turquoise): Openness, confidence, relaxation, soothing feeling, sensitivity.

Blue: Mental relaxation, peace, calmness, vitality, creativity, clear communication.

Indigo: Serenity, imagination, accurate perception, understanding, strong deep sleep.

Violet (Purple): Inspiration, calm nerves, reduced irritation, creativity, beauty.

Magenta: Relaxing, soothing, gentle, balance of emotions (both over and under emotional.

Baker-Miller Pink (Rose): Calming aggression, relaxation, stress relief, appetite suppressant

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