Terry Naturally Choline With B-Complex®

choline with b-complex

Choline plays a critical role in health maintenance, but more than 90 percent of adults don’t get optimal amounts of choline from food. That’s where Choline with B-Complex comes in.

Choline with B-Complex provides the active forms of choline and B vitamins for the greatest benefits.

Daily energy levels
Mental focus and clarity
Healthy blood pressure and cholesterol balance††
Essential liver function
Stress and fatigue reduction
Essential prenatal nutrition
Cognitive development
Athletic endurance and muscle recovery
Helps restore levels of this essential nutrient that may be depleted by anticholinergic drugs or other prescription medication*

Product Description

Essential Choline
In 1998, the Institutes of Medicine recognized choline as an essential nutrient. The body uses choline in many complex ways:

For the synthesis of neurotransmitters, especially acetylcholine
As a critical building block of cell walls
To facilitate cell signaling
To regulate homocysteine
For lipid metabolism and liver function*

Better Nutrients, Optimal Health
Because choline and B vitamins often work synergistically in the body, Choline with B-Complex provides a rich source of choline plus bioactive forms of B6, B12, folate, and a full range of additional B vitamins.† Together, these nutrients provide for a vibrant, healthy life.*

†Contains (144 mg) choline per serving, which is (26%) of the Daily Value for choline (550 mg).
††Blood pressure levels already within the normal range

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