Aloe Life SG Aloe Mist Gel – Topical Skin Conditioner, Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate, Contains Special Skin Actives, Vitamin A, C, & E

EASY APPLICATION: This SG Aloe Mist from Aloe Life is easy to apply! Kids & adults alike are able to easily reap the rewards of applying this Aloe Mist Gel. Simply spray it onto your skin & let it soak in. No need to rinse off afterwards!
SUPPORTS HEALTHY SKIN: Aloe Mist supports healthy skin without the use of thickeners. This makes it perfect for kids, who often have sensitive skin. The mist is also lightweight & easily absorbed, making it a great option for busy families on the go.
GREAT FOR HOT/HUMID WEATHER: This Aloe Mist SG Mist Gel offers relief in hot, humid weather which means it’s perfect for use in summertime! Aloe Vera offers a variety of benefits to the skin, especially if it is being exposed to sunlight.
GREAT FOR TROUBLED SKIN: If you’re struggling with troubled skin, our Aloe Mist is perfect for you! It helps soothe & condition your skin without the use of a thickening agent.
MISSION STATEMENT: Our goal is to support a healthier, more enjoyable life with proper nutrition, education, & high-quality vitamins & supplements. All products by Aloe Life are designed to support health & body wellness for a healthier, happier you!

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