Acusine Homeopathic Nasal Spray

acusine nasal spray

This All Natural product has been formulated to:
Normalize breathing, Unplug stuffy nose, decrease inflammation, prevent nasal drying.

Key Ingredient
Hydrastis canadensis 4x – Inflammation of the mucous membranes, discharge

Accompanying Ingredients
Ephedra vulgaris 3x – Breathing difficulty, headache
Lycopodium clavatum 3x – Nasal congestion, sniffles
Mezereum 3x – Sneezing
Petroleum 8x – Nostrils ulcerated, cracked, burned
Pulsatilla 3x – Coryza, yellow mucous
Thuja occidentalis 10x – Chronic catarrh, thick, green mucous

Suggested Use
1 to 2 sprays in each nostril several times a day as needed.
Not intended for infants or small children.

The short, mild burning sensation is harmless (and is an indicator of inflammation of the mucus membrane). It will not dry out the nose or cause addiction – even with long-term use as other over-the-counter nasal sprays.

Made in Germany
Acusine Nasal Spray is standardized and pharmaceutical grade. This means each particular active ingredient is always present in the same concentration, tested via high pressure liquid chromatography and registered with the German BFARM (Germany’s equivalent of our FDA).

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