Barlean’s Environmental Detox ™

Barlean's Environmental Detox

Free yourself from toxic overload. Environmental toxins can show up just about anywhere—including in our water, air soil, and food. Heavy metals like mercury, lead and cadmium—along with xenoestrogens like pesticides—may interfere with healthy cell function and lead to a variety of health concerns. Environmental Detox contains an all-natural blend of nutrients that supports the body in ridding itself of these toxins and helps to promote optimal immune function.

Barlean’s Environmental Detox contains a powerful combination of natural ingredients that works to: cleanse everyday environmental toxins, reduce heavy metals and xenoestrogens, reduce toxins from pesticides, fertilizers, and plastics.

Product Description

A few key ingredients:

  • Protect with BroccoRaphanin broccoli concentrate from seed to support a healthy immune system and help suppress allergy and asthma symptoms.
  • Detoxify with Calcium D-Glucarate to increase your body’s ability to detoxify and excrete toxins.
  • Eliminate with Glutathione and Alpha Lipoic Acid to help naturally eliminate heavy metals from your body.

Environmental Detox comes in a delicious melon flavor and mixes easily into your water, juice or smoothies. It’s Non-GMO, Sugar free, Gluten free.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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