The Little Herb Encyclopedia: The handbook of nature’s remedies for a healthier life, by N.D., PhD., ID Jack Ritchason

Woodland Publishing Little Herb Encyclopedia

The recent herbal health trend is not a new fad, but merely a renewal of ancient medicinal healing methods. Herbs are some of the oldest medicines in the world and have often required extensive research and knowledge to use correctly. Not anymore! The updated fourth edition of The Little Herb Encyclopedia ends the complication and makes herbs easy for everyone. With over 200 of the most widely used herbs and herbal combinations from Europe, America and China, this book contains the information you need for a comprehensive knowledge about herbal health. Learn the histroy of each herb, the influence herbs have on the human body, and which ailments the herbs can be used for. In addition, there is a list of effective herbal remedies for many prevalent health problems as well as herbs that are specifically beneficial to pregnant women, children and infants. Take the difficulty out of herbal health and find the answers to your most common herbal questions with The Little Herb Encyclopedia!

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