Success Blend

Facilitates positive accomplishment and feeling better about oneself, which can mean more money or material success. Being successful can be a complicated process. This blend must be used with other behavior changes. Clearing shame from the energy field is a first step in true transition to success, as shame will sabotage any efforts. This clearing will use the oil, Calamus Root, and this must be used under guidance.

Product Description


This blend already has Patchouli Maceration in it and is safe to apply to the skin.

Additional Information

Product No. 02-suc00-a
Essential Oil Contents Lavandin, Patchouli, Niaouli, White Thyme, and Coriander Seed
Fixed/Carrier Fractionated Coconut Oil
Uses No
Applications Especially good for massage and can be worn as a perfume.
Warnings/Contraindications Do not apply to eyes and do not swallow
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